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April 2024 Updates

This release of the DC One-Stop Business Portal will contain the following features:

Non-English Languages - Spanish

In this release, users can set their preferred language (i.e., Spanish) on the portal which will allow checklists and email and SMS notifications to be generated in their chosen language.  

Street Vending Unit Inspection Process

In this release, inspectors are able to capture vehicle information and using AI be able to automatically populate the information. 

Street Vending Unit Inspection

FEMS and DLCP inspectors will have a new application to conduct onsite inspections.

Street Vending Management

In this release, you can manage your licenses which will be expiring within 6 months. On the business dashboard, licenses within 6 months of expiring will have an alert ‘Expired – Can Renew’ to indicate its time to renew your license.